TTLB, LB and DB Diamond Colours

TTLB, LB and DB Diamond Colours

In our shop we have some silver pieces with diamonds that some have a very light brown colour, medium brown colour or a quite dark brown colour.

These kind of colours are called TTLB (Top Top Light Brown) that make reference to a very light brown color, LB (Light Brown) that have a middle brown colour and DB (Dark Brown), that have a quite dark brown colour.

Brown (now called champagne for commercial reasons) diamonds are categorized between C1 and C7, being C1 the lightest one and C7 the darkest one (also called cognac).

Usually TTLB colours ranges from TTLB to C1 (see the image), LB between C1 and C3 and DB being between C3 and C5.


Edu Manchado Safont

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